Solution Engineering & Requirement Synthesis

Attagis provides solution engineering services. We partner with software product companies or the IT organization of an enterprise to customize a product or platform into customer-ready solutions. The work could involve developing actual business workflows from templates, industry-specific customization, API-based integration, or other such work. If you are leading the customer success or professional services team of an enterprise software company, get in touch to discuss how best we can serve you to be customer-ready and customer-oriented. 

Attagis also provides requirements synthesis services. If you are an executive, business user, or start-up who is planning to initiate or outsource your product development, and need help in the initial stages to define the scope and requirements of the first version/beta of your product, we can be your partner. We interact closely with your team to understand, articulate, question, and re-formulate the business problem you are trying to solve with the product. We create a baseline understanding of what the product should do and it's main functional modules. We draw up a high-level requirements description of your product so that you can then work with a development partner/in-house team to work on more detailed specs and development of the product. As a requirements synthesis partner, we wear the hat of an experienced business advisor to make sure the product you are developing meets real customer needs or/and delivers disruptive innovation. 


We have provided such services to start-ups, venture accelerators, and business executives.


Examples of clients and services provided:

·   No-code platform (US): Developing customer-ready, reusable workflows across industries. 

·    Medaptic – Healthcare software vendor, US – India software development center: Review of business processes, capabilities gap analysis and transformation

·    Location-based services app (India): Technology evaluation, product prototyping, Manual Testing, Business model analysis

·  Tech Venture Accelerator (India): Platform Development to guide 100s of start-ups through their product development and marketing