• Software QA 

    Attagis provides 
    • Test Automation using a variety of frameworks and API tools
    • Manual Testing: UI and functional
    • Test planning and reporting

    We work with clients typically on long-term arrangements. At the moment we are serving global clients in the software product industry.  

  • Tech Market Research and Management Consulting

    Digital Transformation, Omnichannel Customer Experience, Responsible Growth, Innovation

    • We provide Customized Market Research and Analysis for global clients, in the technology, media, and telecom industries. We usually work with clients on an hourly or monthly billing model and have served clients in US and UK over 150+ engagements.
    • We provide Management Consulting (strategy engagements like market entry, gap analysis, transformation, new markets, new technologies, competitive analysis, etc) We have served clients in US, UK, and India in on-site, CxO-level strategy consulting roles.

  • Solution Engineering and Requirement Synthesis

    • We work with software product companies to develop customer-ready solutions
    • We work with entrepreneurs and business executives to shape their problem definition and high-level design into software product specifications. 

Value Creation, Customer Delight, Professionalism, and Integrity 

Values that bind us to our clients.

Attagis Solutions provides technology services, strategic market research, and management consulting to clients globally. 

We have served more than a dozen clients in US, UK, and Australia. They include the world’s largest technology companies, global retail and consumer brands, technology start-ups, boutique consulting firms, and market research firms.