Software QA Services

Are you painting the world in Digital? Do you believe in software-driven transformation?


If yes, we would love to partner with you.  Attagis provides software QA (testing)  services to global software organizations. We work directly with clients in India and globally on their Software QA needs. These include test planning, manual testing and automated testing. 

We start by taking a deep immersion in your product's working, understand your near- and medium-term product road map, and then work with you to craft the best manual and automated testing programs. 


We work only on long-term partnership models. Our QA teams work closely with your engineering organizations and serve  your team on a daily basis, fully comfortable with your software process and culture. We respond and course-correct in real time. 


We are familiar with commonly used technology stacks, with particular strengths in Java and Selenium. Most importantly, we hire engineers who are passionate about QA. Our clients include companies in telecom software, enterprise software, expert systems, and social media platforms.

By making us a partner in your QA processes, you will experience a long-term advantage that comes by putting a more reliable product in your customer's hands. We have worked on manual or automated testing of 1000+ test cases in application domains as diverse as social media, telecom  software, and location-based services.


Examples of clients and services provided:

·    IVR platform hosted by telcos for enterprise and SME customers (Australia, US, Europe): Manual testing and test automation

·    Location-based services app (India): Technology evaluation, product prototyping, Manual Testing, Business model analysis

·    Photo sharing platform (Europe): Technology Audit, Manual Testing, Integration with major social media platforms

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