About Attagis Solutions

Attagis Solutions was founded and is led by Yogesh Pathak. Yogesh brings 25+ years of experience in management consulting, IT consulting, software start-ups, and venture capital. He has lived and worked in US, UK, and India. His detailed profile can be found here.

Attagis Solutions is based in Pune, India. Over the past 15+ years we have served clients in many major markets around the world, including US, UK, Europe, Australia, and India. 

Our clients include 

  • Large and mid-sized software product companies, telecom and technology companies
  • Boutique consulting firms in strategy and technology consulting
  • Market research and analysis companies
  • Technology venture incubators and accelerators
  • Large global enterprises in a variety of industries like consumer goods, travel and tourism, retail, and media and entertainment. 
  • Start-ups in technology, social impact, travel, media, e-commerce, and retail